Computer Chess

Andrew Bujalski
USA 2013
93 min

Anyone disappointed by the authenticity of the steve Jobs biopic really ought to take a look at this rather brilliantly conceived study of a (fictional) computer vs. computer chess tournament in the early 80’s. Written and directed by mumblecore maestro Andrew Bujalski, this is about as perfect a rendering of the era as you could ask for – to the extent you would genuinely not be surprised should this turn out to have been footage dug up from some time capsule buried in 1981. shot on a very old-school sony video camera, the fuzzy, distorted black-and-white visuals lend an entirely opposite air of grainy authenticity to the ragged assembly of tech nerds and programming obsessives that are the film’s main focus. And i have to say the acting is uniformly superb: every twitch, every stumble, every stutter is deployed with absolute plausibility. (Andrew Pulver)

  • Wiley Wiggins - Martin Beuscher
  • Patrick Riester - Peter Bishton
  • Myles Paige - Michael Papageorge
  • James Curry - Carbray
  • Robin Schwartz - Shelly Flintic
  • Gerald Peary - Pat henderson
  • Andrew Bujalski
  • Matthias Grunsky
  • Kevin Bewersdorf
  • Paavo Hanninen
  • Andrew Bujalski
  • Michael Bricker
  • Colin Wilkes
Computer Chess

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