Tales from the Jungle


Robert Siodmak
USA 1944
70 min

As the movie starts, it's a joyous time on Harbor Island - Ramu and Tollea are to be married the next day. At first, it's not seen as a big deal when curious youngster Kado encounters a blind and mute merchant, but the next morning he is gone, having taken Tollea. That's when her adopted father tells Ramu where he found Tollea - the infant girl had been hidden on his boat when he mysteriously escaped from prison on Cobra Island, where the law says all outsiders must be put to death, even if they arrived accidentally. Ramu, of course, decides to sail to Cobra Island and rescue her.

  • Samuel S. Hinds
  • Jon Hall - Terangi
  • Lon Chaney Jr.
  • Lois Collier
  • Maria Montez
  • Sabu
  • Edgar Barrier
  • Mary Nash
  • Gene Lewis
  • Richard Brooks nach einer Vorlage von W. Scoot Darling
  • George Robinson
  • Bernard B. Brown
  • Joseph Lapis
  • Charles Maynard
  • Edward Ward
  • Alexander Golitzen
  • John B. Goodman
  • Vera West
Universal Pictures
(und Kopie): zur Verfügung gestellt von Peter Langs (FBO) NBC-Universal (USIBV) 100 Universal City Plaza Universal City, CA 91608, USA T 818 763 77 88 ipma@earthlink.net
35 mm
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