Tales from the Jungle


Woodbridge Strong Van Dyke
USA 1931
99 min

Jane Parker arrives in Africa to visit her father who runs a trading store. When Jane learns that her father and Harry Holt are about to mount an expedition to the unexplored Muteer Escarpment, which they believe holds the fabled elephant's graveyard and a vast source of ivory, she insists on coming along, too. On the Escarpment they are startled by the appearance of Tarzan, a white man in a loincloth who lives like an ape. Tarzan abducts Jane, taking her to his home in the trees. But there Jane starts to fall for Tarzan and is torn between staying with him and returning to civilization.

  • Johnny Weissmuller - Tarzan
  • Neil Hamilton - Harry Holt
  • C. Aubrey Smith - James Parker
  • Doris Lloyd - Mrs. Cutten
  • Maureen O'Sullivan
  • Cyril Hume
  • Ivor Novello nach der gleichnamigen Vorlage von Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • Clyde De Vinna
  • Harold Rosson
  • Douglas Shearer
  • Ben Lewis
  • Tom Held
  • George Richelavie
  • Cedric Gibbons
  • Cedric Gibbons
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
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35 mm
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