Charles Poekel
USA 2014

Noel, a lonely Christmas-tree salesman, returns to New York City for the holiday season. Without the help of his now absent girlfriend, Noel begins a downward spiral, distancing himself from both coworkers and customers in the process. That is, until he meets a mysterious woman passed out on a park bench one night. The film’s wispy, melancholy feel provides a stark contrast to the cheery Christmas spirit we are accustomed to.
“Charles Poekel’s debut feature, shot on 16mm celluloid, puts Kentucker Audley in nearly every handheld frame of this understated romantic drama about a dejected, curmudgeonly Christmas tree salesman in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It’s a very good piece and a very strong technical achievement for first-timer Poekel with indie veteran Sean Price Williams behind the camera.” (Michael Lee)

  • Kentucker Audley - Noel
  • Hannah Gross - Lydia
  • Andrea Suarez Paz - Jane
  • Jason Shelton - Nick
  • Charles Poekel
  • Artem Kulakov
  • Sean Price Williams
  • Robert Greene
  • Trevor Peterson
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Instrum International

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