Ma dar Behesht

Sina Ataeian Dena
Iran, DEU 2015
100 min

Hanieh, a 24-year-old Tehran middle-class woman, wakes up early every morning and travels a long way to teach at a primary school in a wild and poor suburb. Sick of her life, Hanieh is trying to get transferred to a school in the city, but the paperwork appears to be stuck somewhere in the daunting Iranian administration. When, one day, she arrives at the school to find out that two female students have disappeared and are feared to have been kidnapped, her problems suddenly seem petty. “All of us experience violence in daily life to some extent – it is like a ghost here and there, in every human society more or less, it seems like a natural part of life for this species, human beings. We carry it out. Identification with a society’s values, social patterns, structures and morals play a role in how violence is acted out. PARADISE is a film about this ‘ghost’.” (Sina Ataeian Dena)

In the presence of Sina Ataeian Dena.

  • Dorna Dibaj - Hanieh
  • Fateme Naghavi - Headmistress
  • Fariba Kamran - Leila
  • Roya Afshar - Aunt
  • Sina Ataeian Dena
  • Payam Sadeghi
  • Homan Maleki
  • Gregor Bonse
  • Lajos Wienkamp-Marques
  • Sina Ataeian Dena
  • Mohammad Tavakoli
  • Amin Dehfooli
Bon Voyage Films, Sina Dena Films

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