Che sau

Soi Cheang
Hongkong 2012
90 min

Taking a tried-and-true cops-and-robbers scenario and giving it a supercharged boost, Soi Cheang launches us on a breathtaking ride through the nocturnal streets of Hong Kong in this tale of a specialized, hard-driving police squad tasked to take down the underworld’s most dangerous getaway drivers. (...) Fiercely smart, ferociously paced, and technically brilliant, MOTORWAY is an action fan’s dream. Featuring spectacular work by master action choreographer Chin Ka Lok and his team of stunt drivers, MOTORWAY is Soi Cheang’s most accomplished work to date. (Giovanna Fulvi) 

  • Shawn Yue - Cheung
  • Anthony Wong Chau-Sang - Lo
  • Guo Xiaodong - Jiang
  • Josie Ho
  • Michelle Ye
  • Barbie Hsu
  • Joey O’Bryan
  • Kam Yuen SzeTo
  • Francis Fung
  • Fung Man Yuen
  • Benny Chu
  • Allen Leung
  • Alex Gopher
  • Xavier Jamaux
  • Simon So
  • Boey Wong
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Media Asia Distribution

Senator Film
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