Stanley Kwan
VR, China, HK 2005
110 min

Set in Shanghai, Everlasting Regret covers the period from 1947 to 1981 from the tumultuous interval preceding the Communist Revolution of 1949, through the drastic changes imposed by the Cultural Revolution and its new leadership, up to Chinas acceptance of modernization in the recent past. Following the life of a celebrated beauty as her pre-Revolution glamour and status are reduced to Proletarian modesty, the films powerful grace and intimate wisdom reflects the sorrow of lives overwhelmed by mighty waves of change. Arresting time in a vibrant, visionary exploration of history and personal experience, Kwan captures with a refined aesthetic and a loving heart the «Haipai» a romantic style that characterized the pre-Communist literature of Shanghai. (Giovanna Fulvi)

  • Sammi Cheng - Wang Qiyao
  • Tony Leung Ka Fai - Cheng
  • Daniel Wu - Ming
  • Hu Jun - Li
  • Huang Jue - Kela
  • Su Yan - Lili
  • Elmond Yeung nach einer Vorlage von Wang Anyi
  • Huang Lian
  • William Chang Suk-ping
  • William Chang Suk-ping
  • William Chang Suk-ping
Shanghai Film Studio 595 Cao Xi North Road Shanghai 200030, China T 021 6487 6197

Golden Scene Company Limited 15B, Astoria Building, 34 Ashley Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hongkong T 2265 9999

35 mm
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