Chaak daan juen ga

Shock Wave
Herman Yau
Hongkong 2017
119 min

Hong Kong’s bomb squad is at the centre of Herman Yau’s SHOCK WAVE. Superstar Andy Lau takes the lead as dashing bomb-disposal wiz JS Cheung, the top operator in the police force’s explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau. Early in the film his skills are on show as he coolly defuses an unexploded World War II bomb dug up on a building site.
But far bigger tests of his skills are set to come when a crime figure from the past re-emerges in Hong Kong and takes aim at key infrastructure and at Cheung himself. Bombmaker and drug lord Peng Hong had earlier met Cheung when the cop infiltrated his gang, leading to the arrest of his younger brother. Now commissioned to seize a major Hong Kong target, Peng makes his move. Assisted by a small army of mercenaries, he blocks the busy Cross Harbour Tunnel at both ends and seals in hundreds of hostages. Herman Yau ramps up the pressure to make SHOCK WAVE a bold piece of high-tension thriller filmmaking. (Tim Youngs)

  • Andy Lau - Commander Cheung
  • Jiang Wu - Peng Hong
  • Song Jia - Carmen
  • Philip Keung - Kong Y.W.
  • Ron Ng - Ben
  • Wang Ziyi - Biao
  • Felix Wong - Officer Chow
  • Herman Yau
  • Erica Li
  • Joe Chan
  • Azrael Chung
  • Brother Hung
  • Eric Lam
  • Li Pik-kwan
Infinitus Entertainment

Universe Films Distribution Company

Koch Media
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