V’18: OCTOBER 25 – NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Čelovek idet za solncem

V' 17

Čelovek idet za solncem

Der Sonne entgegen

Michail Kalik
UdSSR, 1961
71min, OmdU

Bild: Sammlung Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Čelovek idet za solncem

Michail Kalik
UdSSR, 1961
, 71min, OmdU

Niku Krimnus
Lev Kruglyj
Valentin Zubkov
Evgenij Evstigneev

35 mm

It looks almost like telepathy, so close is the kinship to the French Nouvelle Vague: filming on the streets, the desire to experiment, the game with the norms. As a first degree cousin of "Zazie in the Metro", a small boy is walking through a city (shot in Kishinev, Moldova) after the sun. Through his "naive" eyes one observes the bizarre hustle and bustle of adults: during flirting, in front of a birth clinic, at a funeral or when discussing football. And nowhere is a Lenin monument in sight: the city as a de-ideological space.​

With an introduction by Christoph Huber