Retrospective 2017


Die Ziehharmonika
Igor' Savčenko
Udssr 1934
58 min

Happy peasants gather around Timoschka, the accordion player. In between, the scythe is swung, songs are sung, and people speak in rhymes. Then Timoschka buries the accordion in the hay because he thinks it does not fit his new position as Komsomol leader. But when the enemy decided to make music and go for Timoschka's girlfriend, he digs it up to take over the cultural hegemony, again in triumph. Compared to later propaganda material such as VOLGA-VOLGA, this early Soviet musical captivates with atmospheric easiness.

On Oct. 10 with an introduction by Barbara Wurm and on Nov. 11 by Michael Loebenstein.

  • Zoja Fedorova
  • Petr Savin
  • Igor Savčenko
35 mm
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