Cavalo dinheiro

Horse Money
Pedro Costa
P 2014
104 min

Pedro Costa returns to a familiar cast of characters for a hauntingly beautiful contemplation of his country’s tumultuous past an uncertain future. Costa has been filming the people of Fontainhas for two decades now (since his third feature, OSSOS, in 1997), burrowing ever deeper into their lives, adapting his filmmaking methods to their environs, and together with his subjects forging a new kind of poetic realism. And if CAVALO DINHEIRO is unmistakably a continuation of Costa’s general line of inquiry, it also feels like a further refinement of his technique, from its comparatively taut running time (under two hours) to the shadowy expressiveness of the HD imagery. This is a movie of long, crypt-like corridors stretching towards infinity, and of screen-filling close-ups that seem chiseled from the darkness, like living sculpture. (Scott Foundas)

In the presence of Pedro Costa.

  • Ventura
  • Vitalina Varela
  • Tito Furtado
  • Pedro Costa
  • Leonardo Simões
  • Vasco Pedroso
  • Olivier Blanc
  • João Dias
OPTEC – Sociedade Óptica Técnica

OPTEC – Sociedade Óptica Técnica

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