Dan Sallitt
United States 2019
17 min

The same virtues that informed FOURTEEN structure CATERINA too, Sallitt’s second film of the year, a fresh set of wistful episodes that probe the complexities of desire rather than the trials of friendship. An Argentinian in the US, Caterina isn’t so much a stranger as an unwilling bystander. She listens to her friends talk about physical attraction, hears her companion at the café air his views about commitment, watches the man push in front of her at the store, yet her own feelings are barely heard. Like her decision to leave the activist group she used to belong to, it’s about theory vs. practice. Life, love or politics, it’s all the same. (James Lattimer)

In the presence of Dan Sallitt.

  • Agustina Muñoz - Caterina
  • Dan Sallitt
  • Chris Messina
  • Dan Sallitt
  • Grace Sloan
Static Productions

Static Productions

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