Retrospektive 2018

The Burglar

Paul Wendkos
USA 1957

The planned screening of Roger Corman's TEENAGE DOLL unfortunately has to be cancelled because the 35mm copy of the film has not arrived. Instead, the film museum shows THE BURGLAR.

In a cinema newsreel the thief Nathaniel (Dan Duryea) sees a wealthy heiress who leads an esoteric sect. Together with two cronies he plans to rob an immensely expensive necklace from the safe of her estate. He smuggles in his stepsister (Jayne Mansfield in her first serious role) as a sect disciple to spy on her. But the perfectly planned coup attracts the attention of a corrupt cop: "When I pull the trigger nobody is gonna call it murder. It's gonna be called law enforcement." David Goodis provided the plot for Paul Wendkos' remarkable B-picture debut, which already shows his handwriting as a bold stylist that made him a secret tip as a cinema and television director: "The absolutely astonishing burglary scene or the concluding mirror cabinet chase are prime examples of Wendkos touch, which is characterized by overwhelming paranoia. (C. H.)


  • Lawrence Tierney
  • Ted North
  • Nan Leslie
  • Betty Lawford
  • Andrew Tombes
  • Harry Shannon
  • Glen Vernon
  • David Goodis
  • J. Roy Hunt
  • Roy Webb
  • Paul Sawtell
Samson Productions
35 mm
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