Derek Cianfrance
USA 2009
114 min

Narrated in flashback, between past and present, the film tells the story of love that is lost and found, of a couple on the brink. Dean and Cindy remember the best moments of their relationship as they give themselves one more night to try to save their rocky marriage. Blue Valentine is constructed on a series of contrasts: man/woman, love/hate, light/darkness, film/video, etc. This duality is reflected in the temporal structure of the film. I wanted the film to function like memory, with the past like long-term memory, and the present like short-term memory. I wanted to treat these dilations and ellipses in time on film. (Derek Cianfrance)

  • Ryan Gosling - Dean
  • Michelle Williams - Cindy
  • Faith Wladyka - Frankie
  • Jerry John Doman - Jerry
  • Mike Vogel - Bobby
  • Marshall Johnson - Marshall
  • Derek Cianfrance
  • Joey Curtis
  • Cami Delavigne
  • Andrij Parekh
  • Sebastian Henshaw
  • Ron Patane
  • Jim Helton
  • Grizzly Bear
  • Inbal Weinberg
  • Erin Benach
Hunting Lane Films Silverwood Films

Hyde Park International

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