Blue Jasmine

Woody Allen
USA 2013

Woody Allen takes his cues from the Tennessee Williams stage play “A streetcar Named desire” with this engrossing tragicomedy. Cate Blanchett excels as a frilly Blanche type struggling to hold herself upright in the wake of personal calamity while sally Hawkins is the salt-of-theearth sister who tries to prop her up after so much vodka fails to do the job. Blanchett embodies the awkwardness brilliantly, seeming almost too statuesque for her surroundings and yet so small-minded, too. Jasmine is even less impressed by Ginger’s blue collar boyfriend chili. Bobby cannavale plays him with just a hint of Brando’s animalism in “streetcar” and an unexpected dose of slushy sentimentalism that makes for some funny scenes after Jasmine’s constant digs create a rift in the relationship. (Stella Papamichael)

  • Bobby Cannavale - Chili
  • ? - Dr. Flicker
  • Cate Blanchett - Jasmine
  • Sally Hawkins - Ginger
  • Alec Baldwin - Hal
  • Andrew Dice Clay - Augie
  • Peter Sarsgaard - Dwight
Perdido Productions

Focus Features International

Warner Bros.
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