Ridley Scott
USA 1982, 2007
118 min

It has taken 25 years and three cinema edits for Ridley Scott to arrive at the definitive new version of his science-fiction masterpiece. Blade Runner: The Final Cut includes added and extended scenes, added lines and new and cleaner special effects. Scott's vision of Los Angeles in 2019 is the ultimate movie dystopia: a fabulous hell of skyscrapers and monolithic Fritz Lang factories. The sky is cluttered with fuming aircraft and floating neon adverts. It never stops raining on the cramped and seedy streets, and everyone, apart from Harrison Ford, smokes like a chimney. What does it mean to be human in such a diseased world? This is the thrust of Scott's film noir, which has aged quite brilliantly.

(In the night from October 26 to 27)

  • Harrison Ford - Rick Deckard
  • Rutger Hauer - Roy Batty
  • Sean Young - Rachael
  • Edward James Olmos - Gaff
  • M. Emmet Walsh - Bryant
  • Daryl Hannah - Pris
  • William Sanderson - J.F. Sebastian
  • Joanna Cassidy - Zhora
  • Hampton Fancher
  • David Peoples nach der Erzählung «Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep» von Philip K. Dick
  • Jordan Cronenweth
  • Peter Pennell
  • Marsha Nakashima
  • Vangelis
  • Lawrence G. Paull
  • William G. Curtis/Logan Frazee/Steve Galich
  • Michael Kaplan
  • Charles Knode
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