Tribute Lauren Bacall


Howard Hawks
USA 1946
114 min

What gives depth to the dimension of the screen chemistry between Bogart and Bacall, is that Vivien/Bacall is equally adept in work and play. When we first see her (which is when Marlowe does) she is dressed smartly in a uniform-like jacket, complete with shoulder pads and collar, and later with checkered jacket and a black beret. Hawks is presenting Vivien as a figure equal to Marlowe in terms of facing the tasks ahead. Her costuming is a subtle denial of another stylistic convention of the film noir genre: the sinister allure of the femme fatale Vivien wears not passive and seductive whites, but active and assertive jackets and collars. The world of The Big Sleep is a world of high-class Hollywood hoodwink. The films pace is relentless; the lighting kept low-key. And Max Steiners score is just the right soundtrack for us as we ride with Marlowe through the rainy, gloomy streets. (Andrew Slattery)

  • Humphrey Bogart - Philip Marlowe
  • Lauren Bacall - Vivian Sternwood Rutledge
  • Martha Vickers - Carmen Sternwood
  • Charles Waldron - General Sternwood
  • John Ridgely - Eddie Mars
  • Patricia Clarke - Mona Mars
  • Dorothy Malone - Buchhändlerin
  • William Faulkner
  • Jules Furthman
  • Leigh Brackett nach dem Roman «The Big Sleep» von Raymond Chandler
  • Sidney Hickox
  • Robert B. Lee
  • Christian Nyby
  • Max Steiner «And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine» gesungen von Lauren Bacall
  • Carl Jules Weyl
  • Leah Rhodes
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35 mm
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