Retrospektive 2013

The Bellboy

Jerry Lewis
USA 1960
70 min

The directorial debut of Lewis is indeed, as in the prologue from the producer announced, no ordinary film, but a "pure fun, without history, without action." As a dumb bellboy Lewis stumbles in a luxury hotel from one funny situation to the next, encountering several times - a beautiful tribute to the role model – a Stan Laurel-double with hilarious cameos. But he also experiences magical moments that only can happen to a poor sap like him - for example when he is conducting an absent Orchestra.

  • Jerry Lewis
  • Alex Gerry
  • Bob Clayton
  • Sonnie Sands
  • Eddie Shaeffer
  • Herkie Styles
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Haskell Boggs
  • Charles Grenzbach
  • Gene Merritt
  • Stanley Johnson
  • Walter Scharf
  • Hal Pereira
  • Henry Bumstead
  • Pat Barto
  • Mickey Hayes
  • Sy Devore
  • Ernest D. Glucksman
  • Jerry Lewis
Jerry Lewis Films, Inc., Paramount Pictures
35 mm
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