Zeki Demirkubuz
Türkei 2003
94 min

Ahmet is going through a crisis. He thinks of himself as an arrogant, unfaithful man even if his image is that of an idealist. Hes a film director who wants to make an adaptation of Dostoyevskys «Crime and Punishment». He has lost all interest in his film project and in his girlfriend Serap. He feels alienated from his own life and stays at home all day long. Serap thinks Ahmets strange behavior is due to another woman. One night, after submitting to a long series of questions, Ahmet lies and tells her that he is having an affair with another woman.

  • Zeki Demirkubuz - Ahmet
  • Nurhayat Kavrak - Elif
  • Nilüfer Açikalin - Serap
  • Serdar Orçin - Kerem
  • Ufuk Bayraktar - Ferit
  • Zeki Demirkubuz
  • Zeki Demirkubuz
  • Erkan Aktas
  • Ismail Karadaş
  • Zeki Demirkubuz
Mavi Film Bolahenk sok 19/3 Gümüssuyu 80090 Istanbul, Türkei F 212 2927170

Interforum Filmverleih Meuschelstrasse 38 90408 Nürnberg, Deutschland T 911 9296562

35 mm
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