Andrew Bujalski
USA 2009
100 min

One of the brightest stars of indie filmmaking today, Andrew Bujalski has made a name for himself with works of slice-of-life realism imbued with quirky humor and yearning protagonists. As with his past works, Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, Beeswax dwells firmly in the struggles of everyday life. But the film takes a deeper, more mature look at intimacy and material practicality, raising the emotional and financial stakes for its characters. The film centers on two fully developed female characters, one of whom is paraplegic; refreshingly, this detail is never foregrounded but simply exists as a fact of life. Jeannie, the co-owner of a small vintage-clothing shop in Austin, is embroiled in a dispute with her business partner who has intimidating legal knowledge. Her twin sister, Lauren, is flailing when it comes to romance and her career, but unwavering in her devotion to Jeannie. Seeking legal advice from Lauren's ex, Merill, Jeannie ends up in bed with him. (Kristina Aikens)

  • Maggie Hatcher - Lauren
  • Tilly Hatcher - Jeannie
  • Alex Karpovsky - Merrill
  • Katy O'Connor - Corinne
  • David Zellner - Scott
  • Anne Dodge - Amanda
  • Janet Pierson - Sally
  • Kyle Henry - Michael
  • Andrew Bujalski
  • Matthias Grunsky
  • Pacho Velez
  • Andrew Bujalski
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35 mm
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