Juliana Antunes
Brasilien 2017

In BARONESA, two friends, Leid and Andreia, navigate perilous daily grind: Leid raises small children while her husband is in jail, and Andreia dreams of moving to a safer neighborhood, Baronesa, while she earns her living as a beauty stylist to the poor. Juliana Antunes, alongwith her all-women crew, spent five years embedded in the shantytown of Belo Horizonte, often living and sleeping in the same house as the womenshe filmed. BARONESA’s artistic economy runs deep, conjuring up max-imum magic on a shoestring budget, and never forgetting the grit of its subject. This is in large part to Antunes’s strong sense of storytelling, and to brilliant editing and Fernanda de Sena’s intimate cinematography, who bolsters the film’s depiction of the women’s love being as precious, but also as rough, as their lives.

In the presence of Juliana Antunes.

  • Pedro Durães
  • Marcela Santos
  • Fernanda de Sena
  • Affonso Uchôa
  • Rita M. Pestana
  • Andreia Pereira de Sousa
  • Leid Ferreira
Ventura, Filmes de Plástico

Filmes de Plástico

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