Gonzalo Justiniano
Chile, ESP, Venezuela 2003

Naïveté is swallowed whole in B-Happy, a title that contrasts with the degradations that befall and nearly consume the heroine of this melodrama by Gonzalo Justiniano. Kathy has a tough life; her single mother works and has to keep her and her surly older brother in line, and also decide if the childrens father, who is in prison, should be allowed back into their lives. Despite having a cast of teenage boys who look old enough to be Kathys teachers, Mr. Justiniano shows a remarkable amount of trust in keeping the story sparse. He is rewarded with a stoically stealthy performance by his lead.
(Elvis Mitchell)

  • Manuela Martelli - Kathy
  • Lorene Prieto - Mutter
  • Felipe Ríos - Danilo
  • Eduardo Barril - Vater
  • Ricardo Fernández - Chemo
  • Juan Pablo Sáez - Nina
  • Gonzalo Justiniano
  • Fernando Aragón
  • Sergio Gómez
  • Daniela Lillo
  • Mauricio Molina
  • Andrés Garretón
  • Danielle Fillios
  • Cuti Aste
  • Pauline Garbizu
  • Chopi Vergara
Sahara Films Producciones S.A. Alberto Decombe 1242 Providencia Santiago, Chile T 2 209 2877,

Phoenix World Investment (PWI) Cruz del Sur 133, 4 th floor Las Condes Santiago, Chile T 2 207 2760

Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek Potsdamer Str. 2 10785 Berlin, Deutschland T 30 269 55 150
35 mm
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