Sarah Leonor
FRA 2009
96 min

Isabelle is a teacher. Bruno is a thief. Together, they start believing they could find happiness. The day the police tightens the noose round him, Bruno runs away, taking Isabelle along with him. In the heart of the forest, they hide and love each other, timelessly, in an ultimate attempt to keep the violence of the world away.
Bruno’s primary relation to the world is to take. He has devoted himself to becoming invisible. He breaks into wealthy houses with confidence due to his experience. His response to living in an economically-neglected area is to steal, not to get rich but to survive. Exhausted, he has come to the point where life is nothing but a rather sterile repetition. Isabelle is in the same situation. It seems she cannot feel anything but boredom and distress anymore. She is a German teacher, yet being only a supply teacher – a filling-in role, never permanent – she remains detached from society. What happens between them has nothing to do with a classic “Lady and the Thief” storyline. (Sarah Leonor)

  • Guillaume Depardieu - Bruno
  • Florence Loiret Caille - Isabelle
  • Jacques Nolot - Manu
  • Benjamin Wangermée - Martin
  • Rabah Nait Oufella - Ali
  • Fejria Deliba - Nouria
  • Bruno Clairefond - Emir
  • Sarah Leonor
  • Emmanuelle Jacob
  • Laurent Desmet
  • Philippe Grivel
  • François Quiqueré
  • Frank Beauvais
  • Brigitte Brassart
  • Marie Cesari
Les Films Hatari

EastWest Filmdistribution Schottenfeldgasse 14 1070 Wien, Österreich T +43 1 524 93 10

35 mm
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