The Apostate
Federico Veiroj
ESP, FRA, Uruguay 2015
80 min

Gonzalo is at a point of crisis. He is in love with his cousin, engaged in dubious errands for his crooked father, and struggling to complete one final credit for his university degree in philosophy. To this end, he decides to apostatize: to formally withdraw his name from the Catholic Church and renounce a faith that he feels is a burden imposed back when he was too young to choose for himself.
EL APÓSTATA, the luminous third feature from Federico Veiroj, follows our unlikely hero on a journey founded on a symbolic – if increasingly grand – gesture. Veiroj narrates his tale skilfully, with humour and respect, as the absurdity of Gonzalo’s predicament allows an easy transition into fantasy and surrealism worthy of Buñuel. Steeped in the history of Spanish cinema, the film’s brilliance emerges through the director’s collaboration with co-writer Álvaro Ogalla, who gives a remarkable debut performance in the lead role. (Diana Sanchez)

In the presence of Federico Veiroj.

  • Bárbara Lennie - Queen Maria Victoria
  • Álvaro Ogalla - Gonzalo Tamayo
  • Marta Larralde - Pilar
  • Vicky Peña - Mutter
  • Jaime Chávarri - Father Quirós
  • Kaiet Rodríguez
  • Juan Calot
  • Andrés Gertrudix
  • Mercedes Hoyos
  • Gonzalo Delgado
  • Federico Veiroj
  • Nicolas Saad
  • Álvaro Ogalla
  • Arauco Hernández
  • Daniel Yafalián
  • Alvaro Silva
  • Fernando Franco
  • Gonzalo Delgado
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