House Of Tolerance
Bertrand Bonello
FRA 2011
125 min

The dawn of the 20th century: L’Apollonide, a house of tolerance, is living its last days. In this closed world, where some men fall in love and others become viciously harmful, the girls share their secrets, their fears, their joys and their pains.
I divided the entire film into two parts, both in terms of acting direction and light: day and night. It was really hard for the director of photography because there were no windows. She started from an idea that I like: the advent of electricity. (...) What I am afraid of, with period films, is reconstitution. When I was writing the film, I listened to this soul music from the 60’s and the soul of the black American singers always took me back to the girls. When one of them dies, they start singing an American slave song around her. We don’t have to use a string quartet just because we are in 1900. It wasn’t just to modernize the idea; it’s simply that these women evoked this music for me. Maybe it’s something about the connection with slavery. (Bertrand Bonello)

  • Xavier Beauvois - Hiker
  • Louis-Do de Lencquesaing - Jacques Jaujard
  • Jacques Nolot
  • Laurent Lacotte - Edouard
  • Hafsia Herzi - Samira
  • Céline Sallette - Clotilde
  • Jasmine Trinca - Julie
  • Adèle Haenel - Léa
  • Alice Barnole - Madeleine
  • Iliana Zabeth - Pauline
  • Noémie Lvovsky - Madame Marie-France
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • Josée Deshaies
  • Jean-Pierre Duret
  • Jean-Pierre Laforce
  • Nicolas Moreau
  • Fabrice Rouaud
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • Aude Cathelin
  • Anaïs Romad
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