Roger Corman
GBR 1964
80 min

The Tomb of Ligeia was the seventh and last collaboration between Roger Corman and Vincent Price in creating loose adaptations of the writings of Edgar Allan Poe and the second in the Poe cycle to be filmed in England. It tells the story of Verden Fell, a man haunted by the spirit of his dead wife and her effect on his second marriage. While earlier entries in the series were marked by the creative use of sound stages and matte paintings to create an atmosphere of gloom, and by an equally creative license in expanding the source material to feature length, The Tomb of Ligeia is notable for staying quite close to Poe’s original story, and for shooting several of its major sequences outside in bright sunlight. The Tomb of Ligeia earned some of the best reviews of any of the films in the Poe cycle. (John M. Miller)

  • Vincent Price - Verden Fell
  • Elizabeth Shepherd - Rowina Trevanion/Ligeia Fell
  • John Westbrook - Christopher Gough
  • Derek Francis - Lord Trevanion
  • Oliver Johnston - Kenrick
  • Richard Vernon - Dr. Vivian
  • Robert Towne nach der Erzählung «Ligeia» von Edgar Allan Poe
  • Arthur Grant
  • John Aldred
  • Alfred Cox
  • Kenneth V. Jones
  • Colin Southcott
  • Mary Gibson
Alta Vista Film Production Anglo-Amalgamated Productions
Park Circus
35 mm
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