Special Program: They Wanted To See Something Different

The Angry Red Planet

Weltraumschiff MR 1 gibt keine Antwort
Ib Melchior
USA 1959
83 min

Three American men and a woman are the first people to fly to Mars in a space missile. On landing, they are faced with carnivorous plants, huge spider bats with rat’s heads, giant amoeba and evil Martians. The film was shot in the questionable “CineMagic” technique, with strong red filter and negative effect in all the scenes on Mars. This was probably supposed to conceal the insufficiencies of cheap special effects, which are all too obvious. Nevertheless, it is especially the hand-made rubber creatures, the monster puppets and cardboard landscapes that continue to make this ambitious science-fiction spectacle an uncrowned classic of trivial cinema to this day.

  • Gerald Mohr - Col. Thomas O’Bannion
  • Nora Hayden - Dr. Iris Ryan
  • Les Tremayne - Prof. Theodore Gettell
  • Jack Kruschen - Sam Jacobs
  • Paul Hahn - Maj. Gen. George Treegar
  • Ib Melchior
  • Sidney W. Pink
  • Stanley Cortez
  • Victor B. Appel
  • Ivan J. Hoffman
  • Paul Dunlap
Sino, American International Pictures (AIP)
Park Circus
35 mm
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