C.W. Winter, Anders Edström
USA, S 2009
87 min

Ulla lives in self-sufficient isolation on a wild island on the Stockholm archipelago, within a closed and serene world that lulls the soul. She spends her days reading, swimming and doing the tasks required to maintain her house in the wild. After the departure of her daughter Elin and the latter's boyfriend Marcus, who have come to visit for a few days, she discovers that the world she felt she knew so well has been invaded by a strange deer-hunter.
Shot with a minimal crew, C. W. Winter and Anders Edström's first fiction feature unobtrusively combines silence and the sounds of nature in contemplative sequences, sometimes adding snatches of songs about local folklore. Beyond the lyricism of these meditative images, The Anchorage is an ode to a woman whose strength and grace are in perfect harmony with nature. (Film Festival Locarno)

  • Ulla Edström - Ulla
  • Marcus Harrling - Marcus
  • Elin Hamrén - Elin
  • Bengt Ohlsson - Jäger
  • C.W. Winter
  • Anders Edström
  • Jeff Mooridian
  • C.W. Winter
  • Anders Edström
  • C.W. Winter
  • Anders Edström
  • C.W. Winter
  • Anders Edström
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35 mm
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