Monography Ala Eddine Slim

Akher wahed fina

Last of Us
The Last of Us
Ala Eddine Slim
Tunisia, Qatar, VAE, Lebanon 2016
95 min

Refugees have long become a topos in cinema, mostly narrated via clichés that shift between the victimization of the protagonist and his/her apotheosis as a new, useful member of society. Ala Eddine Slim dares to open a new chapter in their representation, choosing an iconography of escape that rejects a dramaturgy of spoken words, entering into a dialogue between the visual, the sensual, and the perception of the spectator instead. AKHER WAHED FINA unfolds in a relatively subjective way, not via a trope that tries to ofer universal insights, but rather – in often blurry nightly pictures – to keep track of this man and his opaque ways. At the beginning, we meet a man ready for departure. He steals a boat, sways on the waves, lands at some nameless shore, and is suddenly swallowed up by a primeval forest. Besides some snails on the bark of the trees, this place seems to ofer little hope of survival. With this surprising maneuver from still yet-undefined refugee story to the arduous discovery of nature, Slim not only upends viewers’ expectations, but follows quite a new path: a spiritual trip, maybe to enlightenment, maybe to contentment or another form of “refuge” in this world. Experience yourself. (Gunnar Landsgesell)

At 26.10 with L’AUTOMNE.

At 30.10. with THE STADIUM.

In the presence of Ala Eddine Slim.


  • Jawher Soudani - N
  • Fathi Akkari - M
  • Jihed Fourti - Freund von N
  • Ala Eddine Slim
  • Amine Messadi
  • Moncef Taleb
  • Yazid Chabbi
  • Ala Eddine Slim
  • Tarek Louati
  • Rahma Ben Thayer
Exit Productions, Inside Productions, Madbox Studios, SVP

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