Guo Xiaolu
VR, China, GBR, DEU 2009
11 min

Faces, faces under the sun, beings in a messy globalized environment, struggling, sensitive or sorrowful, they all tell of our simple but deep human longings and belongings. In A Chicken Farmer Says a woman from a Chinese village stands straight in front of a huge train station. This is her first time in Chongqing. A Place Called Home: British people in the streets of London, near Liverpool Street Station. An accountant, a bank orker, a policeman, some loud laughing suburb girls - \"We are legends! We are the future!\" they shout. Are web Ridley Road Market, London E8: Some working class sellers in an African vegetable market in Hackney. The fishmonger has a big scar on his face. \"What happened to your face?\", I ask. \"Of course my girlfriend did that!\" he smiles. For me, it was the saddest smile in that market.

This film is screened together with Far And Near and The Concrete Revolution.

  • Guo Xiaolu
  • Zillah Bowes
  • Philippe Ciompi
  • Andrew Bird
Xiaolu Guo Productions

Perspective Films, 35 Gillman House, Teale Street, London E2 9BL, Großbritannien, T +44 20 77 39 49 09

Video (Digi Beta)
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