Du Haibin
VR, China 2009
117 min

The \"Great Sichuan Earthquake\" took place at 14:28 on May 12, 2008. Ten days after, scenes not shown on official TV: Ordinary people are salvaging destroyed pig farms in the mountains, recuperating cents-worth scrapped metals, or pillaging victims' homes. Behind the highly-mediatized official visits, inconsolable grief of families searching for loved ones. Throughout, a vagabond in tattered clothes wanders among the ruins, observing tragic scenes. A monk and a Taoist visionary suggest: \"The earthquake is the consequence of Earth-Gods no longer worshipped.\"
A few months later: Harsh winter, villagers preparing for Lunar New Year, the families are detailing grievances about the ill-handling of rebuilding schemes and relief funds. Du Haibin's documentary captures everyday heroism as victims rebuild their lives among all the rubble. An astonishingly insightful film, whose palpable humanity comes seasoned with compassionate skepticism.

  • Du Haibin
  • Liu Ai'guo
  • Sun Yuanqiang
  • Mary Stephen
  • Du Haibin
  • Xu Chunsong
  • He Miaoshu
CNEX Foundation Limited Du Films

Doc & Film International 13, rue Portefoin 75003 Paris, Frankreich T +33 1 42 77 56 87

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