Image of movie Zeus Machine. L’invincibile
Image of movie Zeus Machine. L’invincibile
Image of movie Zeus Machine. L’invincibile

Zeus Machine. L’invincibile

Zeus Machine. The Invincible
David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi
Italy 2019
74 min

In classical Greek mythology, Hercules is the guy who had to fulfill twelve tasks after killing his ofspring in a crazy fit. In modern Italy, Hercules still resonates today due to his prominence in the peculiar (sub)genre of “cinema peplum”, a cheaper version of Hollywood monumental cinema. In ZEUS MACHINE, we get acquainted with “the untold story of the mythological life of Hercules”. As is customary for him, our hero has to face additional (or rather different versions of his old) tasks, some of them of the sillier kind, such as a futile attempt to pull a very heavy load of metal trash with a ridiculous little car. There is more than a slight hint of Sisyphus in this Hercules (who can also be a girl). Most of all, ZEUS MACHINE is about the operability and mutability of myth. The filmmakers make their method pretty clear by declaring the project to be “12 archaeological remains extracted from the present”. This is obviously a film by art students: it is saturated in theory, but the result is a hilarious, brilliant step forward for the mythologies of cinema. (Bert Rebhandl)

In the presence of David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi and Monaldo Moretti (camera).

David Zamagni, Nadia Ranocchi: H.O.L.Y. (2000, K), TOTENTANZ (2002, K), DOGGY BAG WITH SPRING ROLL (2002, K), DAIMON (2007), COCK-CROW (2009, K), ALL INCLUSIVE (2010), JOULE (2010, K), SUITE (2011, K), SPELL. THE HYPNOTIST DOG (2011, K), PLETORA (2012, K), I TOPI LASCIANO LA NAVE (2012, K), SPEAK IN TONGUES (2015, K), SALITA ALL’OLIMPO (2016, K), PHOENIX, AMORE BRUCIO... (2017)

  • Eleonora Amadori
  • Sergio Fantoni
  • Nicola Menghetti
  • Marco Mazzoni
  • Bastien Meunier
  • Francesca Ricci
  • Benedetta Stern
  • Paolo e Mirco Zanfanti
  • ZEUS!
  • Enrico Zoffoli
  • David Zamagni
  • Nadia Ranocchi
  • Monaldo Moretti
  • Mattia Dallara
  • Gilles Barberis
  • David Zamagni
  • Nadia Ranocchi
  • Francesco Fuzz Brasini
  • David Zamagni
  • Nadia Ranocchi
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