Image of movie The World to Come
Image of movie The World to Come

The World to Come

Mona Fastvold
United States 2020
98 min

With a focus reminiscent of last year’s PORTRAIT DE LA JEUNE FILLE EN FEU, THE WORLD TO COME is another impressive period piece that unfurls a discourse on female self-empowerment first and foremost. While Sciamma invented a temporary utopia consisting only of women, Norwegian-American director Mona Fastvold recounts the love between two women, which must take place in secret in the rural America of the 1850s. At the beginning, shy and introverted Abigail is lonely and isolated. Her life at a farm somewhere in upstate New York is clearly not her own decision. Dyer is a caring husband, but their marriage has never recovered from the death of their infant daughter. The land is cold, muddy, and bleak. From early on, Fastvold aligns us with Abigail via a voiceover that brings to mind Terrence Malick’s TO THE WONDER, only less pastoral. It takes the arrival of Tallie, her neighbor’s more straightforward wife, to change Abigail’s expectations of life and the whole tone of the film with it. You might call THE WORLD TO COME a film about a passionate romance, but it’s much more than that: Fastvold explores how two women finally find a way to express their subjectivities. (Dominik Kamalzadeh)

  • Katherine Waterston - Abigail
  • Vanessa Kirby - Tallie
  • Karina Ziana Gherasim - Nellie
  • Christopher Abbott - Finney
  • Casey Affleck - Dyer
  • Ioachim Ciobanu - Son of the Widow Weldon
  • Jim Shepard
  • Ron Hansen
  • André Chemetoff
  • Dávid Jancsó
  • Daniel Blumberg
  • Jean-Vincent Puzos
  • Luminita Lungu
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