The Trouble with Being Born
The Trouble with Being Born
The Trouble with Being Born

The Trouble with Being Born

Sandra Wollner
Austria, Germany 2020
94 min

Somewhere in the forests outside of Vienna, there is a lonely house with a swimming pool. A man and a girl live there. Georg and Elli. Father and daughter? Probably, but they also appear to have sex. And in one shocking scene, we see that the girl is actually a puppet, with removable parts. Elli isn’t human, or only human to the degree that Sandra Wollner seeks to explore in THE TROUBLE WITH BEING BORN. Elli possesses something like memory, but is it anything more than fragments of code? And how does an automated creature conceive of itself? These are some of the exciting questions Sandra Wollner and her co-author Roderick Warich pose here. Elli lives in a permanent now, as for Georg she is a fetish, a fixation, an object of melancholy never to change. But Elli walks away, follows a call, changes context. And she becomes a new person, as far as it is possible for someone who is actually neither “becoming” anything nor anything like a human subjectivity at least. Sandra Wollner follows up the inspired media-reflexivity of her debut feature DAS UNMÖGLICHE BILD with a truly contemporary android thriller (Bert Rebhandl)

In the presence of Sandra Wollner, Lixi Frank (producer) Andi G Hess (producer) and David Bohun (producer).

Sandra Wollner: HEART-SHAPED BOX (2016, K), VIKTOR (2016, K), DAS UNMÖGLICHE BILD (2016)

  • Lena Watson
  • Dominik Warta
  • Ingrid Burkhard
  • Jana McKinnon
  • Simon Hatzl
  • Sandra Wollner
  • Roderick Warich
  • Timm Kröger
  • Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer
  • Hannes Bruun
  • David Schweighardt
  • Peter Kutin
  • Andrea Jirez
Panama Film, The Barricades, Andi G Hess, Astrid Schäfer


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