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Ulrich Seidl
Austria, Germany, France 2022
101 min

Surrounded by controversy, SPARTA was shown at the San Sebastian Film Festival Competition after being pulled from the Toronto Film Festival line-up just a few days before. It’s a dense, provocative and complicated work, as it could be expected from the connection between filmmaker and subject matter.
It tells the story of Ewald, a forty-something pedophile roaming some small towns in Transylvania, Romania, looking to satisfy his desires but trying at the same time to control himself and not act on his impulses. In a weird way, the “judo centers” he organizes in dilapidated buildings are a home away from home for many of the kids who attend them, since most of their parents are drunk, abusive or both.
Connected with RIMINI as a two-part story about the very different sons of a dementia riddled ex Nazi (Hans-Michael Rehberg in his last role), SPARTA is a harsh, borderline repulsive but at the same time strangely compelling portrait of a man trying to fight his own demons in ways that are not particularly effective. The story of a lost soul, a wanderer, a victim and a victimizer. (Diego Lerer)

In the presence of Ulrich Seidl.

Ulrich Seidl: DER BALL (1982), GOOD NEWS (1990), MIT VERLUST IST ZU RECHNEN (1992), DIE LETZTEN MÄNNER (1994), TIERISCHE LIEBE (1995), MODELS (1998), HUNDSTAGE (2001), ZUR LAGE (2002, Episode), JESUS, DU WEISST (2003), IMPORT EXPORT (2007), PARADIES: LIEBE (2012), PARADIES: GLAUBE (2012), PARADIES: HOFFNUNG (2013), IM KELLER (2014), SAFARI (2016), RIMINI (2022)

  • Georg Friedrich
  • Florentina Elena Pop
  • Hans-Michael Rehberg
  • Marius Ignat
  • Octavian-Nicolae Cocis
  • Ulrich Seidl
  • Veronika Franz
  • Wolfgang Thaler
  • Serafin Spitzer
  • Klaus Kellermann
  • Monika Willi
Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion, Essential Films, Parisienne de Production, Arte France Cinéma

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