Image of movie Drii winter
Image of movie Drii winter
Image of movie Drii winter

Drii winter

A Piece of Sky
Michael Koch
Switzerland, Germany 2022
136 min

Marco and Anne are a young couple living in a remote Swiss village. He is an outsider, coming from the flatlands to help out at a farm, she is a divorced bartender with a young daughter and thus a sort of outcast according to local moral standards. Their love story is passionate and simple. Suddenly Marco’s behavior starts to change due to a illness, beginning a journey that will test their love and pull at the entire fabric that keeps the small community together.
Masterfully interpreted by a non-professional cast, DRII WINTER is a powerful tale, punctuated by a choir and observed with the calm ineluctability of fate. But if its structure is reminiscent of a classical tragedy, its story remains very contemporary: that of a community that can no longer connect with its land. Marco seems the only one capable of bonding with nature, of listening to it, while everybody else (including the crew of a Bollywood movie) is too focused on exploiting it to see its immense, fragile beauty. The passing of the seasons and the shifts in Marco’s condition mark the calm pace of a film that shows the slow dissolution of a community beneath the impassive majesty of the mountains. (Rebecca De Pas)

In the presence of Michael Koch.

Michael Koch: WE ARE THE FAITHFUL (2005), POOLSIDE (2006, K), POLAR (2008, K), MARIJA (2016)

  • Michèle Brand
  • Simon Wisler
  • Elin Zgraggen
  • Daniela Barmettler
  • Josef Aschwanden
  • Michael Koch
  • Armin Dierolf
  • Jean-Pierre Gerth
  • Florian Riegel
  • Tobias Koch
  • Jannik Giger
  • Sara Giancane
  • Sara Giancane
Hugofilm Features, Pandora Film Produktion, Swiss Radio andTelevision SRG SSR, Arte

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