Drii Winter

Michael Koch DRII WINTER

10 Oct 2022

Michael Koch DRII WINTER

Also for the Viennale's 60th edition, filmmakers share with us material that was important for their films. Any kind of inspiration, from objects to newspaper articles, scribbles, notes, drawings or setphotos, and much more. Enjoy the insight!

Michael Koch shares with us an image which accompanied him in the early stage of working on DRII WINTER. He found it in an archive, and he combined it with lines from a folk song sung by the village's choir (as performed in the film). 

Vom Chiläturm schlent d´Stundä.
Si zitteret ä chli i dr Luft
Und vergent im Wind.

Am Himel da straalet
Ewig Stäärnä uss Gold.
Was schlaasch äso urüäwg
und bang mys Härz?