Image of movie Sixth Form Acid

Sixth Form Acid

Morgan Quaintance
United Kingdom 2022
3 min

Structuralist-formalist montage to a techno beat: at first, it would seem that the artist-theorist Morgan Quaintance (A HUMAN CERTAINTY and SURVIVING YOU, ALWAYS) is revisiting old video footage to evoke a 1990s memory of music and experience. But then our perception shifts. If it’s current footage, where was it shot? Maybe the UK, USA, or Rotterdam’s WORM Institute for Avantgardistic Recreation? As always, he deliberately scrambles the time frames, cultural contexts, personal recollections and collective chronicles. Catch whichever wave you can in it, because it doesn’t last long! (Adrian Martin)

This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 6: BURNING.

  • Morgan Quaintance
  • Morgan Quaintance
  • Morgan Quaintance
Morgan Quaintance


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