Image of movie Rizi
Image of movie Rizi
Image of movie Rizi


Tsai Ming-liang
Taiwan 2019
127 min

Until they meet, their days are different. The older man looks out of the window in the countryside as the trees shake in the rain, in the city he goes for an unusual kind of acupuncture session, all smoke, old appliances, and electrical wires; afterwards his neck still hurts. Maybe it's the same affliction suffered by the man in THE RIVER, back in 1997 when he was still in his twenties and Tsai Ming-Liang was making a different kind of fiction, to which now he finally returns. The younger man showers, prepares vegetables, waits at the market by night, sleeps on the mattress on the tiled floor; there's a Union Jack on the pillowcase. Tsai has always worked with duration, but here everything is observed with such patience and calm that it positively heightens the senses, as if training them to be attentive to certain moments, to watch out for when the cat moves in one of the windows of the sunny facade or the helicopter lands on the building, to listen out for the sound of someone clearing their throat in the morning or the first chords that chime forth from the miniature music box. It's impossible to say when or even whether an encounter becomes meaningful, every encounter is just a collection of moments anyway. Their days are different after they meet. (James Lattimer)

Tsai Ming-Liang: REBELS OF THE NEON GOD (1992), VIVE L'AMOUR (1994), THE RIVER (1997), THE HOLE (1998), WHAT TIME IS IT THERE? (2001), GOODBYE, DRAGON INN (2003), THE WAYWARD CLOUD (2005), I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ALONE (2006), FACE (2009), STRAY DOGS (2013), NO NO SLEEP (2015), AFTERNOON (2015), THE DESERTED (2017), YOUR FACE (2018), DAYS (2020)

  • Lee Kang-sheng - Kang
  • Anong Houngheuangsy - Non
  • Tsai Ming-liang
  • Chang Jhong-Yuan
  • Dennis Tsao
  • Ho Hsiang-ling
  • Chang Jhong-Yuan
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