Image of movie Seize printemps
Image of movie Seize printemps
Image of movie Seize printemps

Seize printemps

Spring Blossom
Frühling in Paris
Suzanne Lindon
France 2020
73 min

Suzanne is 16 years old and doesn't seem to fit into her comfortable little world any more. One day, she notices an handsome man on her way to school and it's love at first sight. This encounter marks the beginning of her sentimental education and her journey into that maze of feelings we call "first loves".
Undoubtedly influenced by the cinema of Maurice Pialat, possibly the director who best grasped the sentimental chaos within teenagers, Lindon gives life to a shy teenage too clever for her age with a touching and delicate performance. Set in a Paris that seems able to make the frenzy of the world stand still, the film casts a mature gaze on the turbulent experience of an ordinary girl torn between the role of the young woman and that of a child. Our heroine moves in a universe in which adults seem stranded, with her actions affirming the self-awareness of millennial girls. Free from easy moralism, SEIZE PRINTEMPS refreshes our memories of our own first sentimental turmoils, without relinquishing the delightful tone of the romantic comedy. (Rebecca Depas)

  • Suzanne Lindon - Suzanne
  • Arnaud Valois - Raphaël Frei
  • Frederic Pierrot - Father
  • Florence Viala - Mother
  • Suzanne Lindon
  • Jérémie Attard
  • Guilhem Domercq
  • Pascale Chavance
  • Vincent Delerm
  • Caroline Long Nguyên
Avenue b productions


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