Image of movie A Proposal to Project in Scope
Image of movie A Proposal to Project in Scope
Image of movie A Proposal to Project in Scope

A Proposal to Project in Scope

Viktoria Schmid
Austria, Lithuania 2020
8 min

Images of sublime beauty go hand-in-hand with their inverted doubles or undersides in this program – sometimes overtly, sometimes as a suggested shadow. In Viktoria Schmid’s A PROPOSAL TO PROJECT IN SCOPE, images and sounds of a natural landscape in Lithuania are interwoven with a semi-transparent screen sculpture also in CinemaScope, a screen that is embedded in the same landscape. POMP by Katrina Daschner uses ironic, disquieting images of female dancers in formation to undermine a milieu of grand architecture and high life. Kurdwin Ayub’s PRETTY-PRETTY gives a short, nasty, feminist shock worthy of Cronenberg, while LOLOLOL is a naturalistic depiction of the bitchy banter of two typical young denizens of the art world attending Parallel Vienna that was shot on an iPhone X. Friedl vom Gröller compares three states of dancing (solitary, group, and camera-dancing) in ELITE. Cana Bilir-Meier builds a bridge between the theatre scene of Munich in 1982 and that of the present as way of exploring racism. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Friedl vom Gröller and Raphaela Schmid.

35 mm
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