Image of movie Omelia contadina
Image of movie Omelia contadina
Image of movie Omelia contadina

Omelia contadina

J. R., Alice Rohrwacher
Italy, France 2020
9 min

In their short dedicated “to all the peasants who continue to feed the world and keep us alive day after day“, Alice Rohrwacher and JR build a monument to mourn the small farmer. We witness a truly cinematic happening when a community of peasants gather to hold a funeral for their trade, which is symbolized by a giant piece of land art covered in dust. Yet the funeral is only a performance; what is really at stake is the actual destruction of agricultural landscapes due to industrial monocultures. (Patrick Holzapfel)

In the presence of Friedl vom Gröller and Michael Heindl.

  • Luciano Vergaro
  • Dario Sforza
  • Iris Pulvano
  • E.La Barbera
  • Ales Jusifovski
  • Berto
  • Luca Bigazzi
  • Riccardo Gaggioli
  • Daniela Bassani
  • Giancarlo Rutigliano
  • Carlotta Cristiani
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