Image of movie Mutter
Image of movie Mutter


Carolin Schmitz
Germany 2022
88 min

There is always the same woman, actress and comedian Anke Engelke, but there are very different mothers. Or is the mother always the same because of the concept of motherhood, and the woman is always different because she’s an actress? And this is only the tip of the iceberg of possible reflections and refractions in this thoughtful piece on roles and expectations, hopes and dreams, and how reality intrudes, sometimes bringing happiness, and sometimes sadness.
Engelke’s many-voiced monologue is based on interviews Schmitz conducted with eight women aged 30 to 75 who spoke to her about their lives and how motherhood changed it. There is the working mother, the unplanned mother, the housewife mother, the divorced mother, the devoted mother and so on. And Engelke, whose great talent normally lies in nailing a type, here blurs the clichés so that we cannot say where one mother ends and the other one begins, aside from shifts in dialect, especially since all this talking takes place over the course of one normal day in the life of an actress. Or is this day pieced together from fragments of the everyday lives of many different women, which are played by an actress of whose day we can also see glimpses? And here we go again: posing questions about the life of women who became mothers... (Alexandra Seitz)

In the presence of Carolin Schmitz.
On the 22nd of October the screening will be shown with audio description for people with visual disabilities.

Carolin Schmitz: 4 MIN 3 SEC (1999, K), BENIDORM (2006, K), PORTRAITS DEUTSCHER ALKOHOLIKER (2010), SCHÖNHEIT (2011)

  • Anke Engelke
  • Carolin Schmitz
  • Reinhold Vorschneider
  • Annette Kiener
  • Stefan Oliveira-Pita
Sutor Kolonko

Sutor Kolonko

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