Image of movie A Little Love Package
Image of movie A Little Love Package
Image of movie A Little Love Package

A Little Love Package

Gastón Solnicki
Argentina, Austria 2022
81 min

The film synopsizes itself: “Two women wander through the city, one trying to show the other something she is unable to understand.” A LITTLE LOVE PACKAGE proposes, then, a mysterious central relationship (strikingly performed by Carmen Chaplin and Angeliki Papoulia) alongside an exploration of Vienna – one that delights in the city’s melancholy, its history, its soft manners and its culture, while asking hard questions about the relationship of places to identity and biological life. Solnicki deals with interactions and ideas that most fiction filmmakers would think too routine or too complicated to be depicted outside documentary, and that most documentary filmmakers would choose to embellish with some degree of fictionalization.
Does this mean that A LITTLE LOVE PACKAGE is some kind of hybrid? No, it is simpler than that: the film shows that it’s interesting to look at the layers of a world in cross section. The tone could be called light, but there is no recourse to any vacuous message of universal acceptance. If the film concludes with Black’s “Wonderful Life,” it’s less in celebration than to provide an ironic setting for images that hint that the things people have in common – like eating and drinking – also separate them. (Chris Fujiwara)

In the presence of Gastón Solnicki, Angeliki Papoulia, Zsuzsanna Kiràly (co-production).

  • Angeliki Papoulia
  • Carmen Chaplin
  • Nikolaus Weidinger
  • Mario Bellatin
  • Han-Gyeol Lin
  • Ernst Skarpil
  • Daniel Margulies
  • Michael Chaplin
  • Dolores Chaplin
  • Pedro Colletta
  • Alma Sutterlüty
  • Gastón Solnicki
  • Rui Poças
  • Federico Colletta
  • Alan Martín Segal
Little Magnet Films, Filmy Wiktora

Little Magnet Films GmbH

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