Image of movie Întregalde
Image of movie Întregalde
Image of movie Întregalde


Radu Muntean
Romania 2021
104 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

INTREGALDE gets straight to the heart of a contemporary issue: the possibility of feeling empathy, of putting oneself in the shoes of other people and helping without judging. The three protagonists of Muntean’s film believe they are capable of doing that – they voluntarily undertake the complex task of bringing food to needy people in remote places – but they soon show their personal limitations, revealing the extent to which they are willing to risk their own situation for “a cause”. Muntean adds an apparent external threat that makes viewers assume the travellers may be in danger. And considering this was shot in Transylvania, we might think the story is heading toward something more sinister. But they are just games, tricks. The director has his attention focused on something completely different. In its third act, the film turns slightly more poetic, escaping the realistic tone of the rest of the story for a more lyrical one. It’s a film about the contradictions of the middle class when they have to deal with people who clearly have a worse time than they do. Muntean does not offer solutions here. He merely shows a situation as specific as it is universal. (Diego Lerer)

In the presence of Radu Muntean.

Radu Muntean: FURIA (2002), BOOGIE (2008), MARTI (2010), VORBITOR (2011), ONE FLOOR BELOW (2015), ALICE T (2018)

  • Maria Popistasu
  • Ilona Brezoianu
  • Alex Bogdan
  • Luca Sabin
  • Radu Muntean
  • Răzvan Rădulescu
  • Alexandru Baciu
  • Tudor Vladimir Panduru
  • André Rigaut
  • Andu Radu
Multimedia Est, The East Company Productions

Voodoo Films

Thu 28 Oct
OV w/ EN subtitles
Fri 29 Oct
OV w/ EN subtitles
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