Image of movie Een weefsel van licht
Image of movie Een weefsel van licht
Image of movie Een weefsel van licht

Een weefsel van licht

A Weave of Light
Bram Ruiter
Netherlands 2021
11 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

A series of fragmented recordings of six people pondering what they think might be on an undeveloped Super 8 cartridge becomes the point of departure for this film that subsequently free associates and meditates its way through ideas ranging from the limits of knowledge and perception, the mysteriousness of existence to the endless possibilities of the imagination. A stream of consciousness in images that are as abstract (scratches and swirls of light in the dark) as they are concrete (an expanse of blue sea) in their visualization of unprocessed dreams, desires, and potential futures. (David Perrin)

In the presence of Bram Ruiter.
This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 6: MYSTERIOUS OBJECTS.

  • Kimberley Anasagasti
  • Ad Arma
  • Esther Kramer-van Raalte
  • Joachim Reurink
  • Fay Straatsma
  • Bram Ruiter
  • Bram Ruiter
  • Rob Peters
  • Bram Ruiter
  • Lindsey Fontijn
  • Susanne van Paridon
Bram Ruiter, Artpitch038

Bram Ruiter

Wed 27 Oct
OV w/ EN subtitles
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