Image of movie La sangre es blanca
Image of movie La sangre es blanca
Image of movie La sangre es blanca

La sangre es blanca

Óscar Vincentelli
Spain, Venezuela 2021
13 min
no dialogue

Is it possible to film the act of bullfighting, the corrida, without buying into the entire mythology of this age-old, barbarous spectacle? Óscar Vincentelli has found a way: by using thermal photography. All space is swallowed by darkness except for the spectral figures of man and animal illuminated weirdly from within. The camera remains static and at a distance. The soundtrack recreates only essential footsteps and breaths; the roaring crowd and all other natural sounds have disappeared. The effect is scientific, dispassionate, and quietly comical: never has this blood sport seemed so absurd. (Adrian Martin)

In the presence of Óscar Vincentelli.
This film will be shown as part of the screening SHORT FILM PROGRAMME 3: HUMAN MATERIALS.

  • Óscar Vincentelli
  • Óscar Vincentelli
  • Martín Scaglia
  • María Antón Cabot
  • Elisa Celda
Dvein Films, Lejos Lejos

Dvein Films

Sun 24 Oct
no dialogue
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