Image of movie El año del descubrimiento

El año del descubrimiento

The Year of the Discovery
Luis López Carrasco
Spain, Switzerland 2020
200 min

Luis López Carrasco is interested in moments of Spanish history that are scarcely documented. In EL FUTURO, he staged a private party at an apartment in Madrid shortly after the Socialist victory in the 1982 elections and captured the illusion of a social class immobilized by its optimism. In EL AÑO ..., interviews, conversations, and the underlying atmosphere of the current moment are merged with images of the protests against mass dismissals in the industrial sector in 1992. The meticulous research and the direct accounts create a choral narrative in which the limits between reality and fiction disappear. The experience of the protagonists on the one hand and the historical perspective according to which the contents and images are edited together on the other give the film a genuineness and great political value, opening out the discourse from the present time all the way back to the Transition following the dictatorship. The aesthetic recalls the VHS recordings linked to the memories of an era, while the image doubles into two frames that coexist on the screen and expand perspectives and points of view, decentralizing the ofcial narrative in favor of more everyday and social aspects. Carrasco is certainly among the most original narrators in contemporary Spanish cinema, carrying out unique research in a unique language. (Eva Sangiorgi)

In the presence of Luis López Carrasco.

Luis López Carrasco: IT’S COMING, HOLD ON, SPRAY ME, KILL ME (2009, K, Ko- Regie), CIRCUS (2009, K, Ko-Regie), LOS MATERIALES (2010, Ko-Regie), EL FUTURO (2013), ÁRBOLES (2013, Ko-Regie), FUENTE GRANDE (2016, K), ALIENS (2017, K)

  • Luis López Carrasco
  • Raúl Liarte
  • Sara Gallego
  • Alberto Carlassare
  • Jorge Alarcón
  • Sergio Jiménez Barranquero
LaCima Producciones, Alina Film

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