28 von 55 Wunschkarten

A V'13 presale fairy-tale

October 19, 2013

In today's forenoon the V'13 presale was launched. For some folks 10:00 a.m. was far too late to leave the bed for breakfast. They must have thought something like: Why not being fashionable and get the adrenalin flowing by trying out the recreational fun of urban hunting. Foresightfully they brought camping chairs and Thermos jugs and queued to wait for the games to begin. In Mariahilf and Innere Stadt they had skillfully tracked the trasure of the inexhaustible ticketing machine.

The inner bulb of cleverness in strategy was mirrored in the luminary above their crafty heads. Dreaming about the light in the cinema hall, they expressed the resolution not to look at the black side. Whilst preparing for their performance in front of the office and memorizing lists of movies, they grew their cheeks rosy. Attentive was even the wind, which tends to be cutting in Vienna.

Some triumphantly carried away whole garlands of movie tickets. – What Arno Schmidt calculated with regard to books and lifetime, another pronounced concerning films and Viennale festival days: Ready for exploiting the potential, a single human being could see 68 films without having to disaggregate. At least the wise guy who told so bought 28 cinema tickets and announced this year's goal of 55.

Whoever dabbels in entering the Gartenbaukino, joins a group of tricky planners in front of the box near the MQ or participates in getting the thrill in the maze of the traffic junction Schottentor: Don't forget your LUNCHBOX (Ritesh Batra's DABBA is recommended)! (bk)