Recommended Films: November 3

01 Nov 2013

Recommended Films: November 3


The cyclic form Jafar Panahi has chosen for his movie PARDE is also a reference to the issue as the barred glass door (sic), which is opened at the beginning of the film and closed again at the end. It also shows very soon, that the figure of the author, who can work in this house just behind closed curtains is not fictitious. Panahi, convicted in Iran and banned from working, clearly demonstrates in this work, what it means to live and film under censorship and repression, and how he sees cinema as a political tool.

Sunday, November 3 - 6pm, Gartenbaukino



Honestly, you really want to know? We don't want to dissapoint you now by telling you...because precisely this is the charm of the surprise film that you will not know it until you watch the opening credits, when you can be happy about your decision twice: Because - that we can tell you! - it is a film that probably in 'normal' program would be sold out in a short time... but now you still have the chance to get a ticket!
We guarantee: You will not regret it!

Sunday, November 3 -  3.30pm, Gartenbaukino

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